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Saturday, November 3, 2012

As Hurricane Sandy bared on New York, I figured I was in for a day or two of no school, and at worst, a brief power outage.  Although the storm appeared to have minimal physical damage upon the city, the subsequent week was marked by a blackout across Lower Manhattan, which I came to refer to as "The Dark Zone."  While I had my opportunities to get out of the area, as so many others did, I chose to stick it out, and many of the sights I saw in the days after the power outage were surreal and remarkable.

In the past, I've kept a blogs pertaining to my adventures traveling abroad, and while I did not leave my home in New York, it seemed as if the adventures found me.  Like a C.S. Lewis novel about childrens' adventures in Narnia, I was quite unexpectedly carried away into another world that was simultaneously familiar and utterly foreign. As with my past written adventures, I had no intentions to journal about the experience until it actually happened, and I felt an obligation to share the story I found myself wrapped up in.

I now write from the comfort of my re-heated and electrified apartment in Greenwich Village, but
in the following entries, I intend to elaborate about the experiences I had and the things I observed over the past week walking across New York, often with flashlight in hand.  I hope you enjoy reading about the adventure as much as I did living it.

-Adrian Bridges

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